Thursday, September 18, 2014

I Have Not Forgotten You....

Ok - 
Now I know I have been "missing"
but y'all have no idea what has been happening!

Two weeks after we FINALLY brought our precious Abi home

My husband ended up in the hospital with an exacerbation of his bone disorder

a week later and he still wasn't healing and he ended up in emergency surgery.

Now WHILE he was in surgery (yes, at the SAME TIME)
My dear daughter was making her bed 
and fell off her top bunk and

So there I am!  Mom of 6 (at home)
(One of which with severe special needs who we are still adjusting to)
and I am going "solo" with two more to take care of!

So - in the midst of the laundry... 

and the cooking...

 and the cleaning...

 and work...

this mama just hasn't had time to journal!
I am tucking away some amazing things that God is doing
and I am looking forward to sharing!

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