Wednesday, June 4, 2014

In Over My Head

This month has been flying at a furious pace
as we are preparing to bring Gabi's sister
into our home.

This is
the toughest thing that God has called us to.

He has brought me to the edge of my comfort zone
and flown straight past comfort into
"I have no idea how I can do this on my own"

So many times I feel like I am in over my head
and I just want to shout 
and declare that this is past me.

But God in His infinite grace
keeps gently reminding me
that it is not about me.

And a resounding voice comes from deep inside me
that heard a quote that read...
"There are a million reasons for me not to do this
and all those reasons have to do with me." 


The true fact is that Jesus wants to bring us all to that point -
where we cannot take another breath without Him - 
past the point that we can say "I can do it by myself"
and straight into the deep deep waters of faith
that makes our soul cry out
"I can't make it another second without you, Lord!"

Past the point of comfort...
past the point of complacency...
 past the point of self-reliance...

into the arms of our loving Savior who
has so much more to offer us
than what we can get in our own power.

oh, so much more!

So I continue to step out in faith-
Yes -scared
Yes -overwhelmed
Yes -unqualified

but He isn't.

Not one little bit.

He knows my situation and the sacrifice He has called me to.
And He has promised to provide.

So stepping out
releasing my own self-doubt
following Him into the calling...
and placing myself
in deep

over my head!

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